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Ensure your Marketo is healthy in 10-30 seconds. Get an instant online report plus a detailed report sent to your e-mail.

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Check Email Deliverability

Our Marketo Health Checker will ensure your Marketo email setup is correct. This ensures

Optimal email deliverability.It will check that your email (SPF/DKIM) records are active and valid.

Comprehensive & Instant

What used to take a Marketo consultant 30 minutes can now be done in 10-30 seconds.

No IT knowledge

is necessary. Our tool will check: email deliverability, landing page URLs, email branding URLs and website tracking.

Convenient Weekly Report

Accidents happen: tracking codes break, email settings get deleted. Find out when your Marketo setup breaks


it kills your next campaign. Tick the check-box above to get a weekly health check report.

About Us

Certified Marketo Consultants

Founded by ex-Marketo consultants, Hoosh Marketing is the only Platinum Parter of Marketo in APAC. A new breed of marketing agency: tech-savvy, ROI-driven and sales focused. Hoosh has a rich marketing background, formerly ITEL Marketing, a B2C & B2B marketing agency which operated for ten years starting 2001.

B2B Specialists

Hoosh Marketing is the only Marketo-certified partner specializing in both B2C & B2C marketing. With our expert Marketo programmers, we have developed integrations to support our customers in Magento & Wordpress, respectively the biggest eCommerce platform and CMS.

Focused on Enablement

Unlike other agencies, our goal is to enable your team to be self-sufficient in Marketo, it is not to keep you reliant on us. We have the world's first formally accredited Marketo Automation course. Also, we offer all the services necessary to transition you from traditional marketing to one-to-one marketing: from marketing strategy to outsourced campaigns to custom API integrations.

Why a Marketo Health Checker?

  • Check that emails aren’t going to junk
  • Ensure emails and landing pages aren’t broken
  • Check campaigns work & reporting data isn’t being lost
  • Validate URLs are installed for correct branding
  • Weekly peace-of-mind
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