The Superannuation Company Effortlessly Updates 300+ Event Details with a Dynamic Landing Page Solution.

The largest profit-to-member superannuation fund company open to all Australians who will be named RSC (due to privacy and disclosure agreement) has partnered with Hoosh Marketing to fast track event updates through a Dynamic Landing Page. With over 2 million members across Australia, its membership is increasing rapidly and, as of 2017, went from hosting 30 events per year to 300 events nationwide!

RSC has been one of the leading options for Australians. It offers excellent member services that include low fees as well as flexible insurance and retirement options.

Some of the main member services offered by RSC are retirement seminars and investor’s briefings. Now that they host over 300 seminars and briefings annually, they need to update their 2 million members instantly with their events.

The dynamic landing page will inform the RSC’s members about the specific dates, times and locations of all events effortlessly & quickly. This seemingly huge task has been tackled with simplicity and efficiency. Let’s check out the outcomes of this new partnership between Hoosh Marketing and RSC.


Guided Landing Page

Because RSC has over 2 million members in Australia and hosts 300 events per year, it needed to update members about the events quickly! Along with different dates, venues, and states for each event, they had to manually create and delete events from time to time.

Imagine having to create and update 300 events! It would have been just too tedious for them! That’s why RSC came to us. We created an event landing page that did all the work for them! Within the given time frame, we designed a landing page that specifically gets updated once a new event is coming up or an event has finished.

The challenge for Hoosh Marketing was to take all the events on the RSC’s website and automate the events LP.

Hoosh Marketing worked its magic and ensured all the events were automatically added or deleted after the event was over. We also installed an option to auto-schedule the specific time and date when the company wanted the event to end.

For better organisation and viewing, all the company’s events were automatically segmented based on location.


Benefits of the Dynamic Landing Page 

Efficient & Fast Registration

With over 2 million members, RSC confirmed that hundreds of members registered within hours of their upcoming events. If they had to do this manually, it would have taken up too much time and resulted in less member registrations.

Increased Membership

By using a dynamic landing page, RSC was able to save a lot of time and money. Because of the dynamic landing page, all of RSC’s members were informed within minutes regarding all of the events and seminar details and options to RSVP. Because the landing page was simple and automatically updated, this has increased the credibility and the attendance at each event.

Substantial Sales Impact

With over 300 events and seminars, most members who attended were more easily encouraged to invest and pay for additional company services and products. Since 2017, the Superannuation Company has generated an ROI increase as a result of the dynamic landing page.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin and use hashtag #HooshMarketing. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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