people2people Saved 768 Hours (19 working weeks) in a year with its New Marketing Automation Strategies

Ever since its inception in 2005, people2people has witnessed rapid progress that made it the fastest recruitment agency in Australia. By providing its clients result-oriented, tailored services in 10 employment sectors, people2people soon became the industry’s favourite that helped companies hire the matching talent. In fact, it even won the Recruitment International Growth Company of the Year Award in 2016 and was a finalist in 2017.

On October 26, 2017, Marketo users learned about new marketing strategy, Marketo’s Google Alliance, and the first customer success story shared at a MUG. Our client, Fabio Caragliano of people2people, shared how they were able to save 768 hours in a year (19 working weeks) with its new marketing automation strategies, that’s $38,000!



Too Much Time Spent On Manual Processes

The primary challenge of people2people was that email creation and set-up for subscribers went through a lengthy, manual process, which was time-consuming.

  • All emails were set up manually in Outlook.
  • All emails contained static content and were sent out as bulk emails on iContact.

Manual email creation proved to be time-consuming, as people2people employees had to duplicate 100+ emails before sending them out.

people2people joined forces with Hoosh Marketing to automate weekly emails so that relevant content was created quickly.



Email Scripting

people2people together with Hoosh created email scripts to automate email content captured from Salesforce. Three highly qualified talent alerts are now sent automatically to clients which is a list of candidates who match the client criteria.

Smart Campaigns That Saved Time

With people2people’s smart campaigns, emails are now automatically sent to the clients and saves 16 hours/week that were initially spent on manually duplicating 100+ emails for 10 specialisations in 6 different locations.

Weekly Reporting

Enablement of automatic weekly reports were sent out to consultants to help assess and close deals. The

Preference Center

To make talent alerts more relevant and lower unsubscription rates, the Preference Center was created to allow clients to select their people2people email preferences based on the following criteria:

  • Talent alert
  • Location
  • Specialisation
  • Frequency
  • Blog subscription

With the implementation of the Preference Center, people2people produced a seamless form of communication between job seekers and hiring companies that decreased unsubscription rates and increased clicked and opened rates.


The results of people2people’s automation strategies in Marketo were:

  • people2people saved 768 (19 working weeks) hours in a year, the equivalent of $38,000.
  • Clients now receive potential candidates tailored to their hiring needs.
  • Consistent engagement between job seekers and hiring companies.
  • Increase in sales in comparison to the previous year.
  • Engagement (Open/Click) rates increased by 100%.



  • Saved time and effort Emailed customers based on their specific needs
  • Automatic delivery of information
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Decrease unsubscription rates
  • Ongoing contact keeps leads warm and interested

Download this case study and see Fabio Caragliano, Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist, together with Fab Capodicasa, Managing Director of Hoosh Marketing – Marketo Gold Partner, explaining how they used Marketo Marketing strategies in achieving excellent results!

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