Content Marketing Formats: Ignore Them at Your Peril

Are you using content marketing formats that are producing the maximum ROI for your company? Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different content types?

Content Marketing is more than just webinars, white papers and case studies. It is important to understand how each type of content can support your content marketing strategy.

Here, we explore the top 4 underused formats that can produce excellent ROI.

Blog Articles

Blogs are the most cost effective channel for Inbound Marketing. They are a great way to add interesting content to your site so you can get more traffic and leads.


  • low setup cost
  • low ongoing production costs
  • allows all staff to contribute
  • excellent for SEO


  • needs an editor to keep writing professional & interesting content
  • requires high volume output to be effective
  • high competition due to low cost of entry

Online Slides

Hosting visual content on SlideShare is an underused method of Content Marketing. Slideshare attracts 60 million unique visitors a month, is one of the top 150 sites on the web, and has a highly professional audience.


  • visual content has higher recall than text
  • no setup cost
  • low ongoing production costs
  • excellent for SEO


  • requires designers for a professional look
  • high competition due to low cost of entry

Online Video

YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google, and accounts for 50% of internet traffic. Content marketing via online video is very effective; 46% of consumers are more likely to investigate a product after seeing an online video.


  • video content has higher recall (95%) than text or images
  • excellent for SEO (videos appear in almost 70% of the top 100 search listings)
  • low competition


  • requires scripting and shooting
  • higher ongoing production costs

Interactive Content

Interactive content is either a micro site of a page of your main site which engages visitors using a calculator, quiz, test, poll, etc. This style of content provides value and an experience which can’t be realized by static content.


  • excellent for capturing prospect information
  • low competition
  • no ongoing costs


  • requires designers
  • requires coding

Hopefully, you now understand which high ROI content formats are available to your company and whether they work for you.

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